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Get Rrrrready

I have amazing superly wonderful news.

Ducks, Serene, Faithy and all you other denim addicts-


You know Ivan who used to work in On the Street in Far East?

After you get off the escalator which faces the old “ON THE STREET” just walk all the way straight towards the end and then turn left. He’s in one of those tiny little shops!

“Alteration and Made to Measure” It’s a totally see-thru shop with glass doors. He’s off on one weekday, but usually in on weekends after 2pm.

(I got this off some messageboard called “Cosy Cot” which is a Singaporean thing- amazing.)

Btw, this is completely off the topic but I nearly fainted in the shower yesterday- my worst fear about living alone came true. Everything got grainy and I had to feel and stumble my way out of the shower area and sit on the toilet bowl while everything turned horrifyingly black for a good 20 seconds and I couldn’t hear anything except this low drone. Wrapped myself in a bathrobe and lay down for awhile after that. I was shaken to say the least.



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Out of Point

There was a guy showing off. Until he landed on his bum.

Springtime in the village

The f-f-f-FAMOUS Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker St.

Oh just look at that buttercream frosting. Mmmmm.

Drool. I really want to make these!!!!!! Especially the mini cheesecakes.

Caramel Pecan cheesecake in demolition stage three.

Ducks and Lionel pretending to know what the painting’s about. (So is the artist.)

Okay. I had to take this shot like…four times to get it right. And I had to keep waiting for that person to walk down the next flight so you better appreciate it.

My favourite painting in MoMA.

Magnolia!!!!!!! I lovveeee youuuuu!!! There in the top right hand corner- Butterscotch cheesecake with caramel chunks. Oh Lord can heaven be filled with these oh pretty please?

Hellooooooooooooooo WORLD.

I am bored bored bored.

out of my mind.


(Tim is coming tomorrow yay!!!)

I really want to do yoga. It’s so fun- I’ll ask my mom to do with me. She’s cool.

I really want to bake…although I’ll have to substitute some of the ingredients like wholemeal flour instead of white, no sugar at all…(or maybe a wee bit of honey)…I have no idea how it will turn out. My tried and tested apple pie recipe is fab…flakey golden brown pastry and oozy yummy applesauce. Yummers. I really have to start baking again!!!!!

Recipe books I’m craving include:

1) Love, Eric: Delicious Vegan Macrobiotic Desserts
2) The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook
3) More from Magnolia
4) The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook

Somebody buy for meeeeeeeee!!!!

Thought of the day: Whoever came up with the whole chocolates are orgasmic thing is so deluded. Because they are SO not. Maybe the person was just deprived, or something. Orgasms are….something else. =P (Though butterscotch cheesecakes from Magnolia Bakery come pretty close I must say.)


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what’s great about this healthy eating thing is that my body is actually becoming more toned without my having to exercise at all. it’s freaking amazing. my thighs are like a runway model’s now. yay.

and i’m not ana or anything don’t worry…i eat lots, just no sugars and carbs. lots of fresh veggies and meat.

and I still want my hugeass seafood dinner when i get back!


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Is it entirely perverse to want to sit in the shade of a bus stop on a swelteringly hot afternoon? When the tarmac is so hot, it wavers before your eyes, when the pavement is so blinding you have to look away. I need to return to the land of concrete and glass again.

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*sigh* i miss you so much…I’m going crazy. I dunno how many times I’ve imagined you standing in my doorway with that backpack on your back and your green army sling resting on your hip.


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There’s an ocean outside my window
Rivers of blood run in my eyes
To the desert in my heart

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Rainy Sunday

Maybe it was just the usual weepy-pms thing but I was so overwhelmed in church today I had to fight back tears. I usually go to the chaplaincy for their evening mass but this morning I decided to wake up early and take the bus to the church in town called St. Edmund’s. It’s a lovely church with rose windows, stained glass, austere limestone statues and bare rafters…not too decorative but not too shabby either. I didn’t know the 9am mass was a family mass- meaning: loads and loads of kiddos. When they started singing “We Shall Draw Water” I was so startled because I’ve never heard it sung anywhere else except my own church back home and then they called the children to the front to be brought away for the children’s liturgy…as they filed away in as orderly a manner as one could hope I honestly felt that I had been transported back home. That crazy bubble of happiness welled in my heart and my vision got blurry.

I liked the sermon today. He spoke about friendships and how every friendship is permeated with God’s abiding presence and love. He spoke about how God’s love makes everything beautiful- a stained glass window casts its jewelled hues only when the sun shines through it. So the saints are to us, a beautiful reflection of the glory and wonders of God. We are vessels of that love. It’s difficult to keep that in mind- as if everyone is watching to see you take a wrong step, to fall.

It’s raining like crazy. Actual, tropical-type rain.

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