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bake bake bake

Haven’t been blogging because it’s the holidays and I have loads of time! *grin*

Am on a baking rampage. Mummy bought the 2nd Magnolia Bakery Cookbook for me “More from Magnolia” and I just tested the first recipe from it yesterday- Carrot Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing. It was yummy. Moist and light and crumbly and gorgeous. Had some problems with the icing though- must refrigerate for at least two hours before you attempt to frost the cake or it will be too melty.

In the past two weeks I’ve also made Blueberry Cheesecake and White Chocolate Scones. Both of which turned out yummy. Am inspired. I wanna buy the first Magnolia Bakery Cookbook and the Buttercup Bake Shop one as well. haha can you sense another obsession coming on? I’ll post pictures when I have time but I dunno how to do that with the home pc. Ah well.

I love when the kitchen smells gorgeously delicious and homey…Yesterday it smelt of carrot, coconuts, raisins, pineapple and toasted walnuts. YUM! I want it to smell of flaky golden pumpkin pie on Halloween, gingerbread, orange fireside cake with brandy glaze at christmas…muffins in the morning! Okay I’m getting all dreamy but it will happen!

In other news, my grandmother has advanced stomach cancer, please pray for her…


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Guys my handphone doesn’t work so please call my house phone k. Until I get my sim card again. Urgh. I am stuck at home without wireless and a handphone. I am on a desert island.

In other news made dinner yesterday for Father’s Day. It was yummy! Tim and Sam came over as did Aunty Kar and all the younger cousins. Laughter and noise. I’m really home.

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grin grin grin. I’m back!


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The road trip was a-mazing!!!!! Pictures soon I hope but not too soon as I have a ton of packing to do. Thought I was leaving on Saturday but I’m leaving on Friday!!!!!! ARGH I could’ve missed my flight! *freaks out* Fedex better send me the boxes soon or I’m going to die.

I have to:

2) Buy stuff for family
3) Close bank account
4) Settle accomodation
5) Tell admin to send my results to S’pore

Am so deaded.

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Yes, again. It was gorgeous yesterday, all nice and warm and sunny- blue skies. We left Southampton at 5.30am in the morning and it was already light…the only indication that we were awake and walking about at such an ungodly hour was the complete lack of activity on the streets. Everything was silent, though the trees were already awake.

Zonked out on the bus, two and a half hours flew by. I went for the health scan which was good, the consultant was warm and friendly- she’s from South Africa and studied natural medicine for 6 years, specialising in homeopathy. I’m all fine except for a weak lymphatic system, lack of certain minerals that supports that system and spleen & liver issues that’s linked to the lymph too. So I’ll take care of that. Oh, the bad news is my body doesn’t do well with shellfish & crustaceans. =( How depressing is that? Oh well, once in a long while won’t kill me I suppose, though it won’t be very healthy. I’m not so good with egg, pork, brewer’s yeast (no beer), baker’s yeast (no yeasted bread) and get this- cheddar cheese. Whu-huh? Yeah. Just cheddar. hahaa. Oh and sugar too of course. But me, being me HAD to have a last Ben’s cookie before I have to leave them far behind… I wish they had them in Singapore! Tim loves em too. Gosh….crisp on the outside and hot melty chocolate on the inside…like a chocolate marshmallow…can you blame us??? White Chocolate Chip and Triple Chocolate. Oh heaven.

We did lots of things (besides shopping)- we actually walked quite a bit…exercise! haha. Hyde Park in summer is gorgeously verdant. People lolling about on the grass, basking on sun chairs, playing with dogs…Hyde Park is like a completely different land. You forget you’re in the middle of a huge city- it’s like the countryside. I love how the low-lying branches of the trees sweep the grass when the wind blows- you can envision picnic lunches and all manner of childhood games amongst the tall grasses. I saw the landscapes of my dreams before my eyes and it was beautiful. I fell in love, a little more deeply with London.

We went to Oxford Street for shopping and lunch. Tried on the Loeffler Randall sandals on this boutique on Blandford Street which is off Baker Street- huh. I loved them- needless to say. Poked around Gray’s Antique Market which smelt rather antiquated I must say, lotsa interesting baubles everywhere. Was particularly enamoured with two crystal inkpots set on a raised silver tray- they even had feathers in them! And marked “London, 1890” Whoa. Lots of rare books, a first edition leather bound copy of the Pickwick Papers, in pristine condition- the price tag? 390 quid.

Covent Garden was bustling with activity as usual. Street performers, tourists (a lot of them), people just soaking in the atmosphere. We had our cookies there. *grin* I bought even more tea for the family- the girl at the cart was so nice- she sprinked flower petals into the bag when she had tissued up the glass bottles. Tim got another cologne from Penhaligons which smells green and fresh and yum.

Okay I’m being chased out of here. *muacks*

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I finished my last paper and was in a state of (relative) ecstasy when Tim and I kena waylaid by a Jevovah’s Witness ….wah lau.

So we debated. Actually we mostly just listened to them rattle on. I could find one million loopholes in their arguments and Tim could find another million- that’s what comes with being legally trained I suppose, coupled with a knowledge of scripture. What were we supposed to say? They said they were the truest form of Christianity- I was like, can you be more original please. Everyone makes that claim. (of course I didn’t say this out loud)

Then the blood transfusion thing- JWs aren’t allowed to have blood transfusions. *rolls eyes*
Whatever man.

Then they kept talking about how they felt sorry for their brothers in Singapore. I dunno. Maybe army is worse than detention barracks???? (Tim says they don’t have to do reservist yay for them)

One of them was a Irish Roman Catholic. WAS. Until the truth set her free.
Okay I think it’s the church’s own fault- their paternalistic attitude has got to be revised. Maybe it was good in the past when everyone was illiterate and you needed the priests and deacons to preach/interpret but now that many more are affluent and literate, they need to start passing that baton to the lay people themselves.

If some church preaches wrongly (as is bound to happen! hello there are like how many billions of catholic churches in the world??) – then the ppl start reading the bible for themselves and find out that they are teaching something wrong. Then will inevitably blame the church as a whole

Then hong gan already.


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Haven’t posted one of these in awhile

I am STILL craving the Loeffler Randall Wynne braided platform sandal. They are so perfect….sigh….can shopbop PLEASE please put them on like 50% sale or something??? (as if)

More from them….

The Hattie Satchel from the Fall/Winter 06 collection that’s not out yet. I love the vintagey-ness…can’t you almost feel the softness of the deerskin… (okay it’s bambi i know.) I waaaaaaant. *sigh*

And…presenting Louboutin’s Tinata heel in braided gold:

Also completely sold out on net-a-porter despite the hefty 350 quid pricetag. (unless you’re a euro size 39 or more) You know, I still really like my cheapo gold stilettos from VNC which cost like 30 sing….I should have bought three pairs. I’ve worn them to bits and still can’t find anything vaguely affordable to replace them. *sigh* Maybe I should write a petition to VNC to make another batch haha.


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