are such self-centred occasions. You kind of feel, even subconciously, that it’s a trump card to everything, an immunity, an indestructible patina that lasts but a day. It seems that during those 24 hours, you reign as Queen of the chronos and in everything deferred to. It’s almost embarrassing- I mean honestly, what did you do to deserve this? Get born? What did you have to do with it? If anything, your mom should be celebrated, her labour recognised and respected and you should be the one thanking her for going through an inordinate amount of pain to bring you, kicking and screaming into the world.

But oh well that’s the way it is and that’s the way it will be. And I certainly won’t complain about the birthday coronation that took place yesterday- Tim and I took the day off, from studying, from the exams just to escape and spend time with each other. It was so nice. I’d missed him so much even though he’d be right next to me while I was studying…there might’ve been an ocean between us. James Bond is really good go catch it! The girls are super hot though Daniel Craig himself is not really my type…too…burly? The girls have gorrgeousss gowns…totally droolworthy. Those alone are worth the ticket price. Sophie Marceau is still the gorgeousest of the Bond Girls in my opinion. She has this allure which she carries with her- she’s not strikingly beautiful from the start but the more you look the more you want to look- I like people like that.

After that we went for dinner at a secret place which turned out to be Les Amis Au Jardin. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the place or food but really, it’s a bit tacky to be taking pictures in such swank places isn’t it? Suffice to say it was wonderful. And whoever said fine dining can’t make you full obviously hasn’t come here. We were stuffed. It was like…this yummy seaweed cracker thing, warm bread (sourdough, walnut, tomato?) with this nice creamy butter, salmon mousse with caviar, wagyu beef with truffle shavings, duck liver with unagi and horseradish, wagyu beef cheek with caramelised onions, parrot fish in bouillabaissse with beluga caviar, chocolate gauteau with pistachio ice cream, cheese gateau with berry sauce and yogurt sobert, petit fours. Um, did I mention we were kind of full after that? The place is beautiful too, so well appointed. Romantic, colonial style. Very weddingish looking with all that white linen, candles and blush pink roses and white orchids. It was a pleasure just sitting there underneath that sparkling chandelier. Service was impeccable too and Tim complimented deserving waiters.

We walked through the Botanic Gardens after that…to none other than the Bukit Timah Campus! hahaha…quite funny. I was joking that he was going to bring me there and he did! Botanics at night is scarwey…don’t go alone please. *shudder* There are dim lights maybe every 10 metres on that ulu stretch where we walked from Au Jardin to Cluny Gate- I daren’t even look up at the shadowy trees in fear that I might see something I didn’t want to. Yes I’m a fraidy cat and I totally admit it. Anyway when we got there everyone was still hard at work studying which made me think of the day that had gone by without a single word read and made me feel a little ill. Then checked modules- I didn’t get CTR!!!!!!!!!! *sobs* I got CCG and I don’t know if I should do it… *sighness* People who got CTR are so lucky. Anyway we have a little birthday thing in the mooting room with the law folk…the mooting room has a bed and a fridge- a freaking self sufficient bomb shelter. Tell me is life unfair or what? We have to fight for power points in the study area and these guys have a bed and a fridge. haha anyway. As usual it’s embarrassing to be sung a birthday song to but thanks guys!! Love you all study hard and do well though I’m sure you will. Not so sure about myself though seeing as how didn’t do any work yesterday! AHHHhhh the reality of it is just sinking in.

Anyway! Tim got me the beautiful Liz Saintsing bag I fell in love with at Quintessential. I’ve been stroking the silkscreened leather- the green magpie (i have yet to name it), the delicate cherry blossoms. I still can’t believe it’s mine.

The best thing about the day was Tim. Even now, I can’t believe he’s mine. 😉
Thanks darling.


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