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If you haven’t got a penny then a ha’penny will do

EEEEeeeeeek. My fingers are still a bit trembly from checking my results. Actually May May checked them for me and I asked her what they were. Okay lah. Not bad. haha.

Anyway we went carolling last night! It’s still Christmas btw…the Catholic church sees Christmas more as a season than a day. So, it starts with the 25th which is the first day of Christmas until the Feast of the Epiphany which is when the Wise Men visited Jesus…it lasts approximately 2 weeks. It was soooo fun. Totally siao kind of fun and happy. I think my best Christmas moments are spent with the choir. I love our choir. We sang the Sussex Carol! It rocks especially with all the SATB parts.

Okay my heart is still beating kind of fast. Stupid results always make me nervous. I need to do something stoned now. Likee….watch anime. =P



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Omg I saw the coooolest Grandma on the bus today! She had on these bronzy gold ballet flats, an emerald green sundress and a pearl studded cuff on her right wrist. Oh! She gives me hope that when I finally become a grandma too, I can still wear youthful things and be cool. Yay!

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Rainy days plus Tim not being here make for a lot of time with nothing much to do. So, with typical industry, I have finished watching all the available episodes of Ugly Betty on Peekvid as well as 15 episodes (and counting) of Bleach, a japanese anime series. Yes, anime. Hahaha. Hmmm Ugly Betty is not all that great, very sterotypical- the characters are pretty 2D to me. And Ugly Betty is really quite ugly man…I mean honestly, the smell of retinas burning all over the world ought to be indication enough that they should just do the Anne Hatharella thing already. Salma Hayek, who in addition to producing the movie also gave herself the ho-hum narcissistic role of the power woman cum voluptuous hot babe who the male lead inevitably fancies. She irritates me. She looks like a man. She should have kept that unibrow she sported in Frida…it looked really natural.


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What is it about the scent of expensive leather that’s so enticing? Maybe it’s the animalistic odour, or the musk that just shines through…or maybe it’s the smell, combined with the sight of all that glorious dark sheeny leather, the glowing grain, its buttery soft suppleness. God I love leather. (I caved in the end and bought that Botkier.) It smells sooo good I wanna eat it…okay maybe not haha. But I rubbed almond oil on it to waterproof it and give it that nice lived in darkish look and it smells even yummier. I’m hungry.

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Green Lilies

Tim hasn’t messaged me since he took off on a plane to Delhi…I’m getting quite worried. *sigh* Oh!! As soon as I typed that…he texted. Scary. Anyway, since the cat is finally out of the bag I can talk about what I gave him for Christmas…an oil painting of lilies, delphiniums and these little yellow flowers all gathered up in a bouquet, sitting in one of my mom’s beat up brass lamps. We (my mom and I) painted on separate canvases for like…4 days straight. It was so tiring but so rewarding when I finished- it’s like….disbelief and pride that I can actually produce a painting…something I’ve never done before. Not to mention the attic was gorgeously scented with lilies everyday…it was intoxicating. I believe I became slightly addicted to the smell of turpentine. Eek. I swear it smells like the synthetic, chemical equivalent of eucalyptus. I learnt alot from just painting that one oil…it’s strange how you can gather so many epiphanies from just one exercise.

Mostly, it just took an awful lot of courage to paint. Starting and ending were the hardest, the blank canvas is so white and stark and intimidatingly empty you just don’t know where or how to start and when you get going and become engrossed in the thick of it…with each new aspect that you embark upon- sometimes a different flower, or different layer or tone- you have to gather your courage anew and just believe that you can do it and just do it. A lot is driven by instinct and gut feel…you have to trust yourself especially for placement issues- should this flower droop here or lean there? It’s about visualising the entire picture and gritting your teeth and plopping your paintbrush onto the canvas before you can chicken out and change your mind. And when your painting is on its way to completion, the last touches are the hardest…you always think…am I going to ruin this entire painting by adding just this stroke? And it’s so difficult to overcome the insecurity and uncertainty. But in the end, it was well worth all the agonizing. I’m not sure I’ll paint consistently though…it’s too mentally and physically exhausting. I’m more of a dabbler.

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Oh bring us some figgy pudding!!

In my blogosphere, people don’t seem to be so pleased with Christmas. So I thought I’d take some time off from the craziness that is this time of the year to inject a little Christmas spirit into cyberspace.

Merry Christmas everyone! Even if you don’t feel it’s particularly merry, remember the reason for its celebration- that should be enough to feel at least a teensy bit happy.

Although Santa didn’t come this year (sadly) I got lots of great presents! I have to show off a little heehee. Tim got me the red ipod nano!!! EEEEeeeks! Happiness. I love it. My other favourite present is from Alexia- a little cookbook called “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World” Hahaa it looks so cool I can’t wait to try it! Thanks babe!

I love my cousins. They’re all so incredibly cute and sweet. Just felt like saying that.

Have attended a total of 3 masses in 2 days- 2 on Sunday (the fourth Sunday of Advent also happened to be Christmas Eve this year so we had to attend two) and one today, Christmas day. Father Colin cracked the most nonsensical joke during the homily today…I nearly died laughing from its out of pointness. Oooh the choir sang well during the children’s pageant mass yesterday! Finally Tim believes we have occasional muscle haha. I love our choir! Love love love.

Okay this point is pretty pointless huh. Just in case I haven’t said the word enough already. I love you guys! Have a very merry Christmas. It’s all about the lovee baby.

Postscript: May May and I made Lemon Meringue Pie for the feast yesterday night. We heaped on the meringue till it looked (in Aunty Lucy’s own words) closer to Mt Pinatubo than a dessert. Oh but it was yum. =)

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I finally finished Tim’s Christmas present this afternoon. I’m so relieved. It’s so harrowing to have presents unready so close to Christmas. Godma took us to lunch at Corduroy- totally yummy. I love the smoked salmon rosti and the warm chocolate pudding best…oozy melted goodness to chase away all Dementors! Bought stuff from Thomson Plaza to make the savoury tart for dinner tonight but am way too tired to start cooking even. Supermarketing was nice though…there was this feel-good vibe and kids were whizzing about, a happy clamorous sound. The fairy lights were a bit over the top but funny! I kinda liked ’em. They felt well-intentioned.

I dunno why I feel so tired. Just feel like nua-ing. Btw, for last minute gift shopping, Trixilini at the Mandarin Gallery has very pretty girly accessories. I like the handmade jewelry by Singaporean and Malaysian designers. Really fine, intricate and well made baubles and bits. Mummy bought a lariat necklace for Godma made with interesting lucite beads and for herself a freshwater pearl necklace intertwined with vintage doodabs and gems. I finally found a charm bracelet that I liked. It’s so pretty- yellow and cream bits and danglies and charms…called Honey Frost by Duchess M. There was another one with an “I love Shopping” bag charm that I thought was hilarious. Maybe it gives good shopping karma, you think?

Okay I really am tired. Going to nua some more. Enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts folks.

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