Rainy days plus Tim not being here make for a lot of time with nothing much to do. So, with typical industry, I have finished watching all the available episodes of Ugly Betty on Peekvid as well as 15 episodes (and counting) of Bleach, a japanese anime series. Yes, anime. Hahaha. Hmmm Ugly Betty is not all that great, very sterotypical- the characters are pretty 2D to me. And Ugly Betty is really quite ugly man…I mean honestly, the smell of retinas burning all over the world ought to be indication enough that they should just do the Anne Hatharella thing already. Salma Hayek, who in addition to producing the movie also gave herself the ho-hum narcissistic role of the power woman cum voluptuous hot babe who the male lead inevitably fancies. She irritates me. She looks like a man. She should have kept that unibrow she sported in Frida…it looked really natural.



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  1. faithy

    Ugly Betty’s my guilty pleasure! *giggle* am not a fan of salma , but she wears the most fantastic louboutins!!

  2. hahaha yah definitely. I’m still a Grey’s Anatomy & Prison Break girl though…but Ugly Betty will do in the meantime. I think the dorky guy from Accountancy is cute! haha…he looks like Robert Sean Leonard.

  3. petrina

    nonono i love ugly betty! don’t diss ugly betty! it’s totally out there because it’s meant to be a soap, adapted from a telenovela (where salma got her acting start). amanda and marc are funny lah, and wilhemina is awesome 😛

    i really wish betty would dump whatshisface and get together with henry the super accountant..

  4. YES! Whatshisface is so annoying. Yah and Amanda & Marc are hilarious and Wilhemina always looks so groomed. Still can’t stand Salma though- she’s so damn smug.

  5. faithy

    i remember your robertseanleonard-thing! *grin* oooh i also love justin -uglybetty’s little gay nephew. did you see him dressed up as a tap-dancing sailor on the halloween episode? how cute is that!!!

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