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Have I mentioned before that I have very thirsty ants in my house? It sucks…I always thought the first principle of ant attraction was sugar. But apparently not- these are healthy ants. urgh…I hate having to share my water! This is not a communal watering hole!!!! *goes into an ant massacre-ing frenzy* DIEE you evil scrambly things.



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Pictures of Pretty Girls

Seriously can you get more obvious than that?? haha I think not.

I have nothing to say. Honestly- I have no life now…unless you count camping out for Daily Scoop’s Brandied Figs and Honey ice-cream on Sunday. (Which is YUM btw)

So, I leave you poor folk who like me STILL have exams (TWO consecutive ones ARGGGHHHH!!!!) with pictures of pretty girls.

(These were taken at Mischy’s 23rd at Kandi Bar)

Mischy making a wishy

For all you with lesbian fetishes


Love the squiggly lights

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There’s Something About Mary

There is a PRC Girl who started talking to Ross on the pretext of asking for directions to Simei but is now batting her eyelashes at him!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

This is damn freaking funnyyyy hahahahhaa!!!!

Ross you HOTSTUFF you!!!!


I’m damn grossed out leh. eww!






Said Ross.


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Bittergourd Tea

Contrary to its name, bittergourd tea is not bitter at all. Rather, it has a warm burnt taste really comforting. Not burnt burnt but like….the smell of chestnuts roasting by the roadside. I love it…I really think I’m addicted to the stuff. Just looking at its lovely topaz liquor colour makes me feel somehow soothed. Good thing because the coming exams are just so draining.

We went to Pizza da Donato at 6th Ave for dinner. Sandra and I were commenting how much we miss the four seasons…the monotony here is just so tiresome sometimes. I really enjoyed looking forward to the changing of the seaons, you can literally feel time passing…reflected all around you in nature, in the very air. But then again, long winters are tortuous…the sun comes out at what? 10? and falls back beneath the earth at 3? And I feel perpetually hungry because at sunrise- breakfast, noon- lunch, nightfall- dinner. It’s all compressed. And lectures at 9am are a joke- I mean seriously. I don’t even bother setting my alarm. So it was little wonder that when spring rolled round (during exam prep time no less), this was the sight outside my window-


Crazy Brits. Or should I say Gits.


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eek how cute is this Matthew Williamson Batwing Dress???!!!
I just love the Monet “Les Nympheas” print in the background.
*swoooon* Now to afford the 669 euro price tag. hurhurhur.


Available at My Theresa, the continental European equivalent of Net-a-Porter. They have nice arty picks from all the international designers.

I saw the Tocca jacket I was drooling over (the one a few posts down) in Retail Therapy at Wheelock!!!!! It cost like…640? Or something like that? Siao right??? It’s “only” 286usd online. I hate how they mark everything up at the high-end retail boutiques in Singapore. It’s just not ethical. I swear.

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Accident Prone

I zipped the skin of my left wrist this afternoon and now I have a little red linear bruise there. *sigh* My motor skills are seriously wanting. Yay two exams down!!! You know I think my law module was easier than my non-law module… very weird. But I love taking exams in isolation! You have this whole conference room to yourself and you can spread out your notes on the table and recline in the comfy swivel chairs and the super nice invigilator asked me if I wanted any coffee or tea.. she must have pitied my back-to-back exam plight. But you know, it really wasn’t so bad…in fact I think this was my most enjoyable exam experience. The nice invigilator didn’t stay in the room so I could pretty much just do my own thing at leisure. That being said, I still have two more exams. Pish…. I wanna go to Greece NOwwWWW ROARRRRRRR!!!!!

*grin* I bought another dress today. I love it…it’s so art deco. I love all my new dresses! Yay!

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I have two back-to-back exams tomorrow….SOOOO….I bought four jersey dresses today!!!!!!!
Talk about exam strategy.
And what a way to break my no-shopping moratorium (though I must say I broke it secretly a while back when I clicked “purchase” for the DVF Zebra bikini I was losing sleep over. =P) Oh well, I don’t care I love them! And jersey travels so well. Am very pleased with self and ALMOST prepared for Greece- I will be fully prepared after some deforestation and a pedi.

In other news, I have a florid red and purple bruise on my right knee. In a series of unfortunate events, my heel got stuck in drain grate while I was hurrying to get into a cab in the rain AND then knocked my knee on the cab door. owww… I was gasping in pain as I crawled into the cab…even the cab driver fawned over me for a bit in sympathy.

Oh- I took some passport photos today in one of those automatic booths- the screen said: “Please position your head in the oval” My goodness was this thing for midgets or what? Because seriously the oval was at my chest area when I sat upright…and try as I might to lower the chair, it just would not. So I had to sinkkk as low as I could and crank out a smile while at it and in spite of that, the top of my head was cut off. Oh well. Customs will recognise me I’m sure.

Conversation at TCC:

Me: Baby you’re so funnyyy.
Tim: Why? What’s so funny?
Me: Like small boy liddat!
Me: Except you’re not. You’re 25.
Tim: Oh shit. Damn…I need some beer NOW.

Mooshy conversation close your eyes if you can’t take it:

Tim: Grace Tangggggg
Me: hahaha why babe? Do you love me?
Tim: I love you.
Me: *grin* Then it’s good being me.


And birthday wishes to CHAR!!! XXXXOOOO


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