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My sister is singing the Rainbow Connection.

I feel sooo un-rainbowy. Can’t remember the last time dressing up made me feel so gross. eurgh.
I hate law formals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate BLE and I hate PLC. And I hate that JMN person. I hate her stupid fringe! Urgh someone please give that woman a makeover! She is to me what Kryptonite is to Superman. Ie. one glance at her can suck all the happy feelings from me and turn my soul a doleful shade of blue.

I’m so depressed.



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And now, a brief advertorial segue

Ladies and Gents, (okay, more address to the former really)

I won’t take more than a minute of your time to promote, unabashedly, the REAL Domestic Goddess (in all areas but the kitchen, and even so..) Rita Konig. I love her love her love her. For the following reasons:

1) She is British
Now this is a very controversial reason seeing as how I am actually very appalled by much of the common cliches of our former colonial masters- Bad food, a godawful lack of efficiency, jaw-droppingly high cost of living, slushy winters, fake rain/mist, bad food, bad food, have I mentioned bad food? Seriously- does a Toad-in-the-Hole sound like a very appetising meal to you? Because it sure doesn’t to me- and really, when the most popular/National dish is Chicken Tikka Masala- well, draw your own conclusions. But having said all that, the undeniable charm lurks- the absolute loveliness of a crisp British accent (no not the affected fake kind I’ve heard some people put on because they spent wow 2 weeks on holiday there! And not the kind that would read The National Inquirer or The Sun either) Let’s just called it the BBC sort. English charm is bumbling in a Bridget Jones, Hugh Grant sort of way. Cream teas and glorious food halls, blackberry picnics, billowy down pillows and lush, sweet garden roses. They are ABsolutely deLIGHted by your presence, find yucky things FRIGHTfully apPALLing- I just love hyperbole. (Btw, Tim as I have mentioned before is Neutral Man, his most popular praises include “not bad” and “alright”, though yesterday he said “quite cute” and I really very nearly fainted with shock at this unprecedented exuberance.)

Well, that was a rather long reason and I’m now feeling quite tired. So I think I’ll just leave some quotes and let them speak for themselves-

Laydees and Gents- The Inimitable Rita Konig! *cue applause*

I do not believe that the modern woman needs to know how to do everything herself; she just needs to know where to get it from.

*nods vigorously*

I have begun to realise that people are extraordinarily unreliable. I have often joked that one should always over-invite so you are left with the right number of people once half of them have blown you off and that you should never go to buy the food until 7 pm. To call at 7 pm to decline an invitation is just laziness on the part of the guest, and I am now issuing cancellation times with my invitations: please blow off before 11 am on the day you are expected. I also have a list on the fridge of those people who have cancelled on me last minute and why. Obviously, this happens only among a rather spoiled group who have far too many lovely things to do.

toooooo true. My darling friends, being the beautiful and popular persons that they are, have faaarrr too many lovely things to do and thus resemble the most wonderfully made puff pastry- delicious and very flaky. *grin* don’t worry i’m guilty of this myself but still! I am issuing cancellation times with my invitations forthwith.

Cosmopolitans are beautiful because they are pink, but they therefore do have their drawbacks. Go for vodka-based drinks and you will rejoice every time you see one go over as you will know that your careless friends are actually cleaning your carpet.

Horse chestnuts benefit from being incredibly easy to find and don’t cost a thing, and they are a lot more practical than one of my early moth-repellent ideas, which came about when I saw a very large and heavy moth that had clearly been living on a diet of the purest cashmere. It was struggling across my sitting room in the direction of my bedroom so, furious, I leaped up and killed it with my shoe against the sitting room door. Not sure what to do next, I left it there, to Rowan’s horror, who asked what on earth I was doing. So I told him I was planning to leave it there as a warning to other cashmere munchers on their way to the land of silk and merino: my bedroom.

I usually save the housework for Saturday mornings. Don’t get dressed; do the housework in your underwear. It is much easier and the boys love it

Seriously guys, even if you don’t care about anything domesticky at all- this book is a rollicking good read.

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Guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt

Haiyoh. Now how to afford the Cello Suites- Winds in the Void tickets?????? *cries*

I dunno which sadistic person decided to schedule both Fashbash AND the On Pedder warehouse sale today, but that person is evil evil EVIIILL.

Evil person.

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Elements of a Sucky Day

Had a ghastly morning in which three major spoiling events occured:

1. the family computer (a creaky 120 computer years old PC) suffered about 10 minor strokes whilst I tried printing about seven documents. This took me an appalling 1 hour.

2. as a result I missed a compulsory lecture

3. about 15 minutes or so before no. 2 occurred, I was still in a mad rush and was looking for staplers. after rummaging through every likely stationery holder and pencil case, I finally fished out a rusty one….with pink staples. i utterly despise coloured staples, not to mention PINK ones which I detest the most because of their cutesy connotations and knack of making the most respectable document look completely ridiculous – an effect I was not aiming for given the staid nature of legal documents – and so THREW it down in despair. okay, i didn’t throw it, but i very much wanted to. in the end i replaced the pink staples with regular ones. sigh.

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Conde Nast has the ENTIRE premiere issue of Domino in high resolution images up here!

This is a wondrous debut that shouldn’t be missed for the world- for all of us too myopic to forsee the phenomenon that is Domino Magazine and buy a real copy! I adore the article on Ruthie Sommer’s cottage and Carolina Herrera Jr’s house especially. So dreamy.

I’m over the moon that I discovered this! I have no idea how…


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Ruthie Sommers

I am crazy in love with this girl. Look at these and you’ll know why. TO DIE FOR. Honestly. (ARGH I should be doing PLC stuff!!!)


Seaside Cabana


LA Poolside Cabana

Can you just die???? I’m nuts about her. *sigh* She has that fresh and glamorous take on the traditional that’s so winsome and the playfulness of it all! !!! I’m soooo in love.


Her book is due out this fall!!!! I WAAAAANNNTTTT.

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A Bajillion Beautiful Things Before Breakfast


I read blogs compulsively. I read blogs of friends, style blogs, design blogs, shopping blogs, food blogs…it’s MAD. Sometimes I read so many blogs I forget to eat breakfast AND lunch. Of course, other days if the telly is on and there’s Jamie Oliver or someone cooking some ABsolutely BEAUTIFUL peas or something…I’ll get really hungry immediately but usually, beautiful things are food enough. That and water.

I have millions of pictures that I’ve saved someone on my macbook in case I need to see them later but really this beauty overdose is making me a bit giddy and dazed and I think I need to sort out my head. So I’m writing this as much for me as for you.

This is my loving this second list:

Decorator/Columnist: Rita Konig
Old Fashioned with a twist style aesthetic: Sara Ruffin Costello (Creative Director at Domino)
Living Room: Domino Editor Deborah Needleman’s Tribeca home (NOT FAIR!!!)
Artist Portfolio to get lost in: Cecilia Carlstedt (pictured above)
Unusual quirky yet thoroughly pretty wallpaper: Flowering quince wallpaper from Sara Ruffin Costello’s bedroom by Clarence House, Madras Violet wallpaper from the London bedroom of Rita Konig, by Cole & Sons
Interiors: Clean white bathrooms, this too cool Anthropologie bed that can be done up in millions of ways, Caroline Herrera Jr’s to-die-for dressing room.

I’m too lazy to put pictures up but if you click on those links, I assure you it will be a most rewarding experience. Now to eat lunch before the hour passes!!!

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