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Cheri & Chignon

Oh no I think i’m really becoming obsessed with Shinzi Katoh! I especially love her Cheri & Chignon series which kind of reminds me of myself and Sasu… or Marigold… =(




That’s how Sasu and I sleep each night…



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That’s the name of this adorable shop in Cathay Cineleisure that my sisters and I went crazy in. I literally wanted to buy every single one of their cutesy Franco-Japanesey Shinzi Katoh printed canvas totes. Even though the words on them kinda didn’t make sense? hahaha. So hilarious and part of the charm methinks.

Now France has one that says “The Bakery That Has Happy Bread” with the cutest picture of a girl pressing her nose wistfully against the glass display of a bakery filled with shelves of loaves!


Oooh… The Nanny Diaries is so nice! Was it just me or did it feel slightly frenchy to you as well? In the way it was shot, the cute quirkiness, the topsy turvy camera angles and the first person narrative?

Sundays should always be like this.

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I love my friends

Caught up with two friends today- Eugene (whom I hadn’t seen for more than a year!) and Kwanyi (and her neverending sagas). It was so fun to just sit and talk and wander around the shops.

I’ll miss you Eug! Send my love to Maria! *muah!!!*

I especially love talking to Kwan because we have so much in common: baking, macarons, dark dark chocolate, bag fetishes, leather fetishes (no not what you think), hamster food fetishes (also not what you think), diamonds, jap food, theology, EVERYTHING! And she’s sooo talkative she can go on and on and on while I drink my houjicha with widened eyes and nod vigorously. It’s really hilarious.

Ooooh we went to Miu Miu! The new season nappa leather bags are just GORGEOUS! The leather is so soft you can just die. I don’t like the Coffer (courtesy of ubiquitous celeb sightings) but there’s this smaller version with a runched leather handle and runchy delicious leather all over and this beautiful buckle that I’m quite in love with.


Small Matelasse Shopping Bag
(detachable shoulder strap not shown)

But poor students can only dream. =(

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Review- Culina at Dempsey

Strangely enough, when Tim and I went down to the Dempsey Culina to check out their nosh, we were completely disappointed despite rave reviews elsewhere. This is the breakdown-

Caesar’s Salad- Tasty dressing but rather measly portion for $15, no croutons but two ostensible slabs of garlic bread which looked better than they tasted- they were cold and hard, not crisp at all but much like biting into stale bread (perhaps not far from the truth?)

I’ve had much better Caesar’s Salads for much less- Coffee Bean has a yummy one at only $6.
If you want to spend a bit more on salads making it a main course, the Chicken Cobb at Corduroy & Finch is delicious as is the Crab Caesar at the Marmalade Pantry- both are sized generously which I’m guessing isn’t that difficult to do since salad leaves are not particularly costly.

Steak Sandwich- I didn’t try this but Tim was very dissatisfied with it. He took out the steak to cut it and I saw that the meat was incredibly fibrous and was not even an entire cut of steak but a few laid together between the salad leaves. It really looked like the unwanted fatty bits of the steak they cut away so they could use the prize bit for their main courses. Really awful.

Salmon Sandwich- I didn’t hate it but it was nothing to shout about either. The cream cheese was spread with a meagre hand, no capers (horrors!), the bagel also cold and hard. The only thing I enjoyed was the salad at the side with balsamic vinegar dressing.

Really, Cedele has MUCH MUCH better sandwiches, delicious freshly baked bread (you can choose the type of bread you like), it comes nicely warm and toasted and they aren’t at all stingy with the fillings which are so flavourful. We go there so often we order for each other- Chicken Avocado/Rosemary Chicken (me), Beef Portobello (Tim). Yeah, we’re boring that way. But it’s consistently yummy.

(Other good sandwich places- Pret A Manger in Ogilvy House and Toast by the Marmalade Group)

I guess it was just a really disappointing experience compounded by the fact that it was also a rather costly one. But perhaps we just got them on a bad day? Or sometimes, you just have to recognise the fact that well known food reviewers are just going to get better food and service. I’m not bitter- it’s just one of those things that make up that annoyingly ambiguous, ubiquitous term “life”.

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Charlott Vasberg Frame Bag


ohmygod this bag is so yummy I want to eat it.
I’m soooo obsessed with it.

Lost it to an unworthy person in Quintessential and called up both the London & Manchester Trafford Selfridges stores in UK where it’s out of stock.
The only place that has it is Harvey Nicks in HK! Maria helppppp!!!!!

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by Cathy Nichols

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Hiked to Erskine Road again to get that Black Ivory wood, resin & leather necklace I was eyeing in Egg3. It looks so Marni-ish I love it!

Black Ivory is this local accessory label that makes gorgeous chunky bangles, necklaces and earrings from natural materials like coral, horn, wood, shell, etc. I especially love that it’s a local label with international design quality- support local!

Anyway I kinda realised that I’m pretty extremist when it comes to jewelry. It either has to be really chunky and bold or really delicate like gold filigree. Like so-


Lena Corwin’s stacked rings of different metals


Left- Rose Quartz ring from David Yurman; Right- Kara Ross ring
(from Vogue)


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