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Things that make me HAPPY

Decided to do a Domino here. =)

1) Best-Vongole-in-Singapore Hunting (so far Bathers in Sunset Way and Pepperoni Pizzeria top the list, but make sure to ask for the soupy white wine version in the latter coz the dry version is urgh)

2) Affogato (Sopra on Sydney’s Danks St makes a REALLYYYY good creamy vanilla bean (yes you can see the flecks!!) and just bitter-enough espresso shot version that woke up every nerve in my body and sent me grinning like a right dork onto the autumnal streets. Everything looked more beautiful.)

3) Favourite florist in the world. Sarah’s arrangements leave me all gaga and dreamy. I love how they look like they’ve just been plucked off a meadow somewhere though we can all guess how painstaking it is to achieve that wild, just tossed together look: Saipua

4) Antique shops on Queen St, Woollahra, Sydney. They are SOOOOO beautiful. I could have stared at the beautiful antiques all day. In my wildest dreams, I own one of those shops and sell stripped down european antique wing chairs which clients can upholster in bespoke fabrics. I would also sell those beautiful masculine leather armchairs you could hide in for a day reading books or just watching the world waltz by. One of the shops we sauntered into had the most amazing elaborate gilt framed smoky mirrors and beautiful lamps with intricate iron work and this gorgeous wooden ladder/side table (I believe it was originally meant to reach the upper shelves in floor to ceiling libraries) which was going for a cool 12K aussie.

5) Bourke St Bakery’s (Sydney) Strawberry Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee Tarts! Oh yum. You have no idea. These rank up there with Magnolia Bakery’s Mini Caramel Pecan Cheesecakes and the Creme Catalan at Taller de Tapas in Barcelona. I.e. food of the gods.

6) Breakfast at Simmone Logue in Double Bay, Sydney- Banana nut bread laden with ricotta cheese and drizzled with honey.

7) Buono on Lichfield Rd, Singapore. All Serangoon Gardens folk should take note! Lovely hidden gem of an italian restaurant in a sleepy suburban estate. It’s on one corner of a old shophouse row and the sort of place where teensy shorts and havs would not be out of place. Casual/cool. Go for the Buono pizza and the beef carpaccio and you will do no wrong. Vongole & mushroom risotto are not up to scratch. We will try more dishes and dish here. I love the authentic italian chef (Chef Buono) though! Reasonably priced- we had 2 mains and an antipasti and paid about 60-ish.

Why is almost everything here about food? I’m quite obsessed with Sydney now. Desperately want to go back. Bay views bay views bay views!!!! Totally understand Sydneysiders’ obsession with real estate.


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