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Go Local!

The design scene in Singapore is really heating up and it’s so heartening to me. Banish the uglies and bring on the pretties! We have a long way to go but if there’s a minor design revolution going on here, why not be part of it?

So I think we should all shop local and support all these up and coming designers and retailers.

My favourites:

Soon Lee

Wonderfully curated and located on the second floor of a Haji Lane shophouse. My wallet suffers a major blow each time I walk up the staircase (and down again) but it’s worth it coz I cart home a bagful of loot and a gleeful grin.

Casual Poet

On the floor of a New Bridge Road shophouse. Hmmm. Loving this shophouse thing…malls are so sterile. Paper goods and books and knick knacks! I’ve never been there yet but it’s way up there on my to-visit list.

Little Red Dots

These guys are design geniuses. Yep. They make me look at things you never noticed before (food covers and bamboo poles used for hanging clothes as furniture?)

And I love these little enclaves that are springing up all over the place. =)


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The Nutcracker

Retail is TRULY therapy. I figure this is why I slog the hours at work…so I can waltz into shops and buy whatever I want. Tim had to play the long suffering boyfriend role and follow me from shop to shop…Nicholas to Felt to Baylene to Hide & Seek to Soon Lee to Harry Halim at M.

Instead of feeling guilty, I honestly feel that everything I bought was worth every single cent. Especially since there were sales at Felt & Soon Lee!

My favourite things that I bought today are probably a floaty white silk Harry Halim skirt, cool Sass & Bide pencil skirt, black & jade beaded necklace from WoonHung and Frederick!!!! My knave and protector. By way of explanation, Frederick hails from Soon Lee and is a nutcracker soldier in a lime green military coat with the fiercest wooden sword at his hip. He will protect me from the terrors of the night (and evil rats of course) as he keeps watch by my computer in the office. He’s my friend and guardian.

=) I’m terribly happy. He said to please call him Fred!

P.S: Fred has ruddy cheeks and a rosy tipped nose. Just thought you’d like to know. =P

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Analyse this

My dreams over the past two days:

Yesterday – Saved a kangaroo rat from drowning (it WAS a kangaroo rat but looked more like a kitten with a kangaroo’s body)

Today –┬áLearnt from an instructive demonstration┬áthat eating Staedtler 2B pencils cures nicotine breath

What is the universe trying to tell me?

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