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The Beholder as Artist

We would like to go and see the field that Millet…shows us in his Springtime, we would like Claude Monet to take us to Giverny, on the banks of the Seine, to that bend of the river which he hardly lets us distinguish through the morning mist. Yet in actual fact, it was the mere chance of a connection or family relation that gave…Millet or Monet occasion to pass or to stay nearby, and to choose to paint that road, that garden, that field, that bend in the river, rather than some other. What makes them appear other and more beautiful than the rest of the world is that they carry on them, like some elusive reflection, the impression they afforded to a genius, and which we might see wandering just as singularly and despotically across the submissive, indifferent face of all the landscapes he may have painted.

– Proust, preface to his translation of Ruskin’s Sesame and Lilies

Here, Proust admonishes the creative emptiness of hero worship; and here I faithfully reproduce his golden words, waist deep in irony.


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One of my many running lists of names is called “Names for my cat”, but since I don’t have a cat and won’t be having one in the forseeable future, this is very much a wishful thinking list. Cats are such elegant, haughty, mysterious creatures that I find them much funner to name than dogs. I have such names as Scheherazade, Carabosse, Odile…etc.

But I’ve found one to trump them all! Magnificat!!!!!!!!! Mag for short. Like it?

Henceforth all ages will called her Blessed.

Am going to be smote anytime now.

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