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Anonymous Pupils

AP1: Lawyers are like high class…

AP2: Prostitutes?

AP1: Well I was going to say personal assistants but yeah…prostitutes…that’s true too. We get paid to be fucked by clients.

(forgive the unseemly language but this was just too ridiculously true.)



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Our Sunday Bake-together

Girls only.
We spanked each other with oven mitts
Flung flour and icing sugar at each other
We got all hot and sticky

It was all very Martha Stewartesque.

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Inspirational Shopping

Ducks and I went tramping about the shopping route less travelled but were not wholly impressed. Ann Siang was eh….aight but nothing spectacular. Thank goodness for perfect jeans at Actually huh huh? *nudge nudge poke poke*

But ELSEWHERE, there’s much to be had.

My recent puchases (more recent than the nine west shoes) include a black denim pencil skirt from Swedish denim house Dr Denim Jeansmakers which is stocked at Wooonderland in Wheelock Place. I plan on using this insidously at work, pretending its not denim and then wearing it with casual tops on the weekends. My other splurge is a lovely trench looking cropped jacket by Kate Hurst stocked at Antipodean (above Harry’s Bar in Holland V). It’s one of my new favourite shops, (my first and most beloved is still Puce in Palais Renaissance) and stocks wonderful little Australian indie labels in a spacious loft-like shop space. Kate Hurst, in particular, is my new favourite designer…her line, which started in the Bondi markets, is marked by her keen visionary aesthetic and artistic, edgy yet thoroughly feminine and body-conscious clothes. I love the way her collections are all designed with a specific person or character in mind. The best part is, the Sing and Aussie dollar are not so far removed, which means relatively affordable clothes. Yay!

Apart from that, I stumbled onto the most well edited of online boutiques yet! It’s so refreshing to see that not all online boutiques have been swallowed by the all-engulfing maw of shopbop. Zoe seems to stock practically ALL my favourite labels but so carefully chosen that you could almost forget you’re actually shopping online. I’m definitely dropping by the brick and motar shop if I ever do go to Brooklyn or Princeton.


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A little sparrow bumped its head quite hard on the roof overhang outside my window this morning. Seriously…I saw a tiny flurry of wings and feathers go zoooop up and THWACK and then spiral down and then up and away and disappear. It was a really loud thwack. Ouch…must’ve have hurt. The poor lil dude.

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And this is Bruiser Woods

Just watched Legally Blonde again for the nth time.

It. Is. SO. Inspirational.

I feel SO. Empowered.

I seriously need a pinker furrier more glittery pencil like, now?

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Recent Acquisitions

Jan and Grace went shopping and lookie what we gots us:

(photo of superrrr purty nine west shoes from the 40% off VIP pre-sale preview sale)

Okay my bad I’m just lazy to actually take a picture and upload it. But I have just spent the last hour trying on my shoes and prancing around my bedroom in them coz I didn’t have time to do it during the week. It’s the very essential post-shopping post-mortem scrutiny session (which when it comes to shoes usually consists of me wearing them, lying on my bed, raising my legs 90 degrees in the air and staring at my shoes blissfully).

Oh Jayneen my Jayneen! That was such a good sale! Ahhhh. I especially loved the fact that we got first dibs on the small sizes…usually the preponderance of disgustingly tiny S’pore girls get their hands on them first, nevermind the fact that we contribute that that statistic. Tiny S’pore girl YOU are in our size trajectory, move it momma.

Sigh…I am so blissed out right now. I love the pretty flowery print!!!!! But I’m so scared they’ll get dirty so I doubt I’m gonna wear them very often. Hahaha…the irony.

I love Sundays. After a week of hard work, the weekends of full of sunbeams, snoozes and lovely long leisurely lunches (alliteration!) which make me giddily ecstatic.

Ohhh and Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and all fathers-to-be! *grin* The latter catch-all category will hopefully encompass you and you and YOU coz I wanna see cute kiddyroos running around soon! *grin*

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Super Sleuth

Yay! I wanna watch Nancy Drew!

I have/had a crush on Ned Nickerson (as well as Prince Eric, Dimitri and a whole host of other imaginary characters)

Sigh. My blighted childhood of unrequited love.

Tim: It’s sissy to read Nancy Drew! I only read Hardy Boys. And Sweet Valley.


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